Sales IS Personal. 13 Questions That Hyper-Qualify Every Prospect and Selling Opportunity

Qualifying a prospect to determine if your product is a fit is one thing but how do you qualify their MINDSET to ensure what they say is also what they think? Here are 13 questions that help you get into your prospect’s head to assess their attitude and thinking, uncover any costly assumptions they’re making about you, and quickly determine the likelihood of them buying from you.

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Time is short so let’s get right into the questions you need to ask during every discovery call you have with a prospect. Below, you’ll find 13 questions to ask during your initial qualifying step to ensure it’s an opportunity worth perusing while preventing your prospects from going MIA.

These are the questions to ask at the end of your preliminary conversation with a prospect after you’ve leveraged your initial discovery questions that would assess if the prospect is a well-qualified opportunity.

Here’s how to transition from your initial qualifying questions and into these non-negotiable questions.

“Thanks again for your time today. I’m glad we had an opportunity to connect, learn more about your business and what we can do for you to become a trusted partner that will help you achieve your objectives. Before we wrap up, let’s do a quick review of what we discussed to ensure that I met your expectations, you see the value in what I’m offering, and we’re aligned around the next steps.”

Ask deeper questions to keep your assumptions at bay. Otherwise, you are formulating your assessment and making decisions based on fictional beliefs, rather than the facts.

13 Questions to Uncover if Your Prospect is Truly a Prospect

  1. So, how are you feeling about our conversation?
  2. Given what we discussed, what stood out as most important to you? (Then you can follow up with, “Thanks, may I ask why?”)
  3.  What do you like most about our product/service that makes us unique? (Remember, people often resist what they hear but believe what they say. This avoids sounding pushy or like everyone else who is telling the prospect why they should buy rather than having them share why they would buy from you.)
  4. What about our service do you find most valuable?
  5. How well does our product/service align with your business objectives?
  6. What additional factors, if any, would make us your vendor of choice?
  7. How committed are you to your current vendor/solution provider?
  8. What concerns, if any, do you have about working together that could prevent us from being your vendor/partner of choice?
  9. Given what you’ve learned about our solution, why would you hire us?
  10. Other than you, who else, if anyone, would be involved in this decision-making process that you feel we should include in our next conversation?
  11. What other priorities or initiatives are you working on that could defer this decision or move it down your list of priorities?
  12. If you decide to hire us, how quickly would you want to begin this project?
  13. To recap, if we can (state deliverables/measurable outcomes and what you need to do) then we would earn your business?

Tip from the Coach: If they’re unwilling to answer any of these questions, rather than assume why, ask them why. And if they’re still reluctant to answer any of these questions, that’s a strong indication of how qualified a prospect they truly are.



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