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Transforming Managers Into World-Class Coaches who Develop Champions and a Top Performing Coaching Culture

If you want to make your people more successful, first make your managers elite coaches – the missing skill of today’s top sales leaders.

Keith Rosen is one of the world’s leading authority on sales and leadership coaching and author of Coaching Salespeople Into Sales Champions, the #1 bestselling sales management book on Amazon.com since 2009.

Keith’s latest book, SALES LEADERSHIP, was the recipient of the 2018 Best Sales and Leadership Book by Top Sales World, and Amazon.com. Discover how you can become an elite leader that boosts sales and productivity, improves performance, turns around underperformers fast, aligns coaching with your sales process, masters the critical management

conversations and builds impenetrable trust – while actually reducing your workload. Learn how to become a transformational leader and coach so that you can create and sustain a top performing coaching culture. Schedule a call with us today.

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Having experience working with several vendors, and looking closely at many other coaching programs available in the marketplace, Keith’s experience, expertise, and approach won us over. Perhaps the clearest difference is that Keith’s approach makes a difference – it’s not simply theory and concepts – it’s practical with real-world situations. His proven coaching framework is universally accepted, and as such, embraced by and complementary to every region, culture and business unit, regardless of where you are located throughout the world. There’s always something to learn from Keith and working with him is always an inspiration, so if you have the opportunity to do so, jump!”

Mark Selleck (Senior Director, Worldwide Sales and Marketing, Microsoft)

Keith is an inspiring person and an amazing coach. Not only has Keith helped me improve as a leader and a coach but he has also made me want to seek out opportunities to have that same positive impact on others. I’d strongly recommend you find a way to work with Keith if you are serious about improving your skills and those of your people!

Matt Benelli (Vice President – Sales – Oracle)

The true value of any leader is in their ability to communicate, engage and bring out the best in people so everyone is performing at their peak potential, while achieving their personal goals. That’s how powerful the language of coaching can be. Keith makes the coaching conversation easy and offers techniques that can create a breakthrough in performance and thinking in minutes, not hours! And for busy, caring managers, this removes the pressure and misconception that, “Coaching is difficult and takes too long.

David Cohen, (Vice President of North American Sales, Talent Solutions at LinkedIn)

I recently participated in a coaching training session by Keith and was blown away. Keith is strategic in how he creates a framework for coaching and motivating people. Yet the real power came as he gave us practical example after practical example of specific tactics and conversations we could use when coaching. In the short time since the training I’m already seeing it make an impact on the coaching our leaders are giving their teams.

Tony Rodoni (Executive Vice President, Customer Experience at Salesforce)

I had the pleasure to work with Keith in Dublin recently. To get first hand experience alongside Keith to learn his coaching framework was a unique experience. I think the word that kept jumping out at me over the few days was “Culture” and how as Leaders in our business we create a Coaching Culture and more importantly a Culture of Transformation. Keith is hugely talented within his respective profession and even with 19 years experience I walked away from the training with a lot of light bulbs over my head, and a re-energised passion for connecting and coaching my team!

Denis Vickers (Regional Manager, SME and Large Sales Vodafone Business Digital Sales)

Keith guides you on the path to become an exceptional leader who communicates, coaches and creates sales champions, as well as the future leaders of your organization. Practice it. Apply it. Then, keep his coaching framework on your desk as your personal playbook to continually develop your most important leadership habit – effective coaching.

Nathan Stone (Country Manager – Canada, New Business Sales, Google)