Sales Leadership Coach Training
How Transformational Leaders Create Sales Champions
Management Coach Training
Transforming Managers Into World-Class Coaches who Develop Champions and a Winning Coaching Culture

If you want to make your people more successful, first make your managers great coaches to ensure every person on the team is hitting their goals and quota.

What if you can coach anyone in 10 minutes or even 60 seconds using one question that drives immediate results? For busy, caring managers, our sales management coaching course makes delivering consistent, high-impact coaching easy and efficient so you can build a remote, self-accountable and motivated team of sales champions.

Since most managers don’t know how to coach, they become part of the non-stop, problem-solving legion of frustrated Chief Problem Solvers who habitually do other’s work, create dependency, and, you can’t scale dependency.

This course delivers a chronological path, skill-set and the mindset needed to transform your mangers into high impact coaches so you can:

  • Boost sales and productivity.
  • Turn around underperformers fast.
  • Align your coaching model with your sales process to increase closing ratios.
  • Master the NEW critical management conversations that builds trust and accountability.
  • Reduce your workload by at least 20 hours a week.
  • Create unconditional confidence in yourself, your coaching and in your people.

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