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Master Your Time, Achieve Bigger Goals Faster, Excel at Your Career, Take Charge of Your Day and Create Your Ideal Life. That’s what we do for every client; and for you. If you have a desire to create more success, balance and harmony in your life, career, or business, imagine what would be possible if you could work one on one, with KEITH ROSEN, or one of our Master Certified Coaches? Keith still works with a small coaching practice of great leaders, and you can have the author of the #1 coaching book which changed the landscape of management forever.

Imagine having the pioneer of executive sales and leadership coaching in your corner every day.

With Keith and our team of experienced leaders and trained, certified coaches, you’ll achieve measurable results faster while creating a balanced life. We will coach you to attain your goals and work through challenges in half the time it takes to do on your own.

Whether you’re a CEO, sales leader, people manager, service provider, career professional, salesperson or business owner, we provide the


accountability, support, expert advice and coaching so you can honor your priorities, design your ideal life, and create a healthy, confident, fearless, winning attitude, while eliminating stressful distractions, self-sabotaging behavior and thinking, and toxicity from your life.

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Keith is definitely part of the strategic milestones in my career. Keith trained me and my managers on coaching. And let’s face it, thanks to his training we discovered real coaching. Keith’s ability to use day to day examples and to generate highly relevant questions drove a very high adoption of coaching. I highly recommend Keith for his coaching methodology, expertise and experience. I’m grateful to have benefited from his services.

Yorick ASTIER (EMEA Sales leader Marketing and Social Cloud at Oracle, Inspiring people/companies to achieve Modern Marketing goals)

Keith is an expert facilitator and executive coach who has deep expertise in understanding and motivating sales leaders. Keith’s real strengths as a speaker are that he is both engaging and motivating and he is able to effectively leverage great personal anecdotes to make learning points memorable and his seminars fun! A real pleasure to work with and a great entrepreneur.

Simon Frewer (VP, Gartner, CEB/The Challenger Sales)

We have a great internal Coaching program for our managers, however we just didn’t have that tactical playbook for how to handle the actual coaching conversation with the Sales Rep that would cover their complete coaching needs.

Keith Rosen was already very known by our sales leaders from his ‘Coaching Sales People Into Sales Champions’ book. Having seen the positive impact of engaging with Keith personally in previous companies, Our leadership embraced the opportunity to work with Keith directly and implant his L.E.A.D.S. Coaching framework into our Sales culture.

Keith delivered a high energy, high impact program to our global Sales Manager group. Rather than just a talk & chalk event, it was really appreciated that he ‘walked the talk’ and demonstrated his coaching framework in every interaction and leveraged his exercises to demonstrate the value of coaching and where his framework would particularly resonate with Sales Reps and their managers in every daily interaction.

Two months after the event, it’s not just “another training” that happened, it was a coaching experience that is having a visible impact on our Sales culture and bottom line. We look forward to a long relationship with Keith and his coaching philosophy.

Kenneth Miller (Enterprise Sales Director at LogMeIn)

Keith Rosen was instrumental in “Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions” in my organization of hundreds telemarketing and telesales people across Europe, Middle East & Africa. He delivered his training course to all managers in the organization (~100) and offered periodic one-to-one coaching to its top leaders thereafter, including myself. Through his actions, the coaching culture significantly penetrated the organization, resulting in better managers-as-coaches and ultimately in improved salespeople empowerment and productivity. Keith Rosen’s insights into salespeople motivators & behaviors, as well as his training skills were key & necessary in initiating this culture change successfully.

Stéphane Rousset (Senior Vice-President Strategy, International Business)

I have worked with Keith for many years. He is a fabulous coach, mentor and business partner. He is easily able to distill what seems complex on the surface, down to it’s core. He is a master of execution and accountability.

Gillianne Isabelle (Vice President, Atlantic Region, Valic an AIG Company)

Keith Rosen and Profit Builders is the real thing. There are so many companies today delivering the same messaging with a twist on words; resulting in no value, high cost, and low results. Further, so many firms have a novel idea or concept but no ability to help execute their training.

Chris Klein (Coaching & Leadership Development at Edward Jones)