How to Coach Any Manager or Salesperson in 60 Seconds – Free Download

Using this one strategy can mean the difference between developing a mediocre team of dependent, transactional order-takers or a team of accountable, top performing champions. It’s all how you choose to communicate – in less than one minute. If you have time to give answers  – then you have time to coach.


“I get it, Keith. I see how important coaching is to my organization, my sales team, and for me to grow as a leader. But c’mon, let’s be honest. Sometimes you simply don’t have time to coach. To move business forward as a manager, quite often, people are waiting on you and you have to act fast.

Sometimes, you’re in a pressure situation where something has to get done; a deal needs to be closed, a customer issue needs to be resolved, a decision needs to be made, and you just have to be directive with your team and tell them what they have to do. Right?”

Not exactly.

The premise of every coaching conversation. Seek to understand and respect the other person’s point of view, before sharing yours. This builds trust and opens up an authentic, productive dialogue. 

Here’s something to consider. What if the majority of the conversations you have when you’re in problem solving, directive mode; where you feel compelled to provide an answer because you believe time is of the essence, can be transformed into meaningful, engaging coaching conversations that take just as long as telling someone what to do?

And here’s a crazy thought. What if the coaching conversation can actually take less time than telling someone what to do?

Intrigued? Then consider this.

If you have time to provide someone an answer, then you have time to ask a question.

The reality is, some coaching conversations can be facilitated using just one simple question. And the best part about this strategy is, you can use it immediately, in your very next conversation!

if there’s a baseline of trust in the relationship, combined with authenticity, transparency, care and precise communication, this one coaching strategy can achieve all of the core objectives in any conversation when coaching others.

You will be pleasantly amazed how responsive people are to this and how much more of an impact you will make.


How to Coach Anyone in 60 Seconds by Keith Rosen MCC