Daily Sales Coaching Videos for Managers

How do you keep your management and communication skills sharp with so much demanding your attention? Now, you can get a 3 minute blast of value rich, tactical “What you can do right now” strategies to immediately impact the performance of your direct reports and salespeople.


Coaching: A Universal Language

Over the last few years, Keith Rosen, CEO of Profit Builders, has delivered his management coach training and sales training programs hundreds of times on six continents and in over 45 countries. This extensive travel and interaction with different cultures has confirmed what he has long suspected–that coaching truly is a universal language.

Holistic Approach to Management

Keith teaches a holistic approach to management that is based on his top-selling book, Coaching Salespeople Into Sales Champions. He believes that almost all of the challenges that executives and sales managers face can be resolved by effectively making a proven sales coaching framework a part of their leadership DNA. A growing number of top sales organizations seem to be subscribing to this idea as well. Among the list of companies that repeatedly request Keith to return and teach his methodology to an increasing number of managers are Oracle, Merck, Microsoft, Phoenix Suns, GlaxoSmithKline and the Madison Square Garden Management Group, including the New York Rangers, Knicks and Liberty.

What Keith hears most at the end of almost every training he delivers is this, “When are we going to see you again? How can we make sure we keep what you’ve taught us alive and ensure we sustain these changes for the long term?”

Ambitious Goal: Daily Videos

These repeated requests for support from thousands of managers across the globe motivated Keith to set the ambitious goal of producing fresh videos every week– in order to provide managers with the consistent tips and encouragement they’re looking for. Keith believes that if managers watch these videos and implement the lessons they contain, that they can evolve into highly effective coaches that are able to coach their sellers to drive more sales, accelerate success, increase positive retention, and ultimately build their own team of Sales Champions.

The first video will be released on Monday morning at 8:00am EST.  Keith will be producing one short video each week around a single topic. The first week will be all about “How to Motivate and Empower Your Team”.  While it’s not Keith’s voice on these videos, all the content is based on his books, coaching methodology, coaching framework, stories and experiences after working over 25 years coaching thousands of managers and salespeople worldwide.

Social Videos: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn

Managers can find the daily videos on the social networks of their choice. While the response to the new videos has been enthusiastic, managers have historically only taken advantage of tools like this if they’re able to easily fit it into their busy schedules or if they go out and pay for them – assuming the content is even applicable and valuable for them! Managers will appreciate Keith’s commitment to posting his videos on all the major social networks for easy access and reinforcement.

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