Coach Up! (Part 7) – The Benefits of Coaching Your Boss

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When it comes to coaching your boss, initiating these types of conversations is probably something that most people have not tried.

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8-Steps to Creating a Coaching Culture by Keith RosenImagine what would be possible if you can create the type of experience and outcome you really want, beginning with just one conversation. Consider the time it would take to have this one conversation that can solve your current dilemma, compared to the efforts that you would need to put forth around your other options, such as finding and acclimating to a new job.

Think about where you are now and where you want to be. Maybe it’s not that bad. However, I know for certain that there are people reading this who simply cannot afford another sleepless, stressful night. Some may already have their resume ready to be sent out the door to a new prospective employer. If that’s the case, you’re always going to be the victim or one step away from the win if you never take the shot – whether it’s in your current situation or your next employment opportunity.

And if you approach your boss only to discover that it doesn’t work out, at least you are now able to make a decision around the facts rather than your own assumptions, or drawing your own conclusions without the evidence to support them.

Everyone, for the most part, has a boss or someone to answer to. You have more power than you realize – the power to create a new possibility through the language of coaching and enrollment.

Yes, coaching is a learned and developed skill; it is a way of communicating and engaging with people in a deeper, more meaningful way. It is the art of creating a new possibility, the possibility that you may not even be aware of nor even believe in at the present moment. When you can transcend your current level of thinking, the real value is that you and your boss can both win.

Photo Credit: Keith Nerdin