What’s the Difference Between a Leader and a Manager? None.

Rant ahead. This constant need to draw a distinction between leadership and management is an exercise in futility.

When working with “managers,” I let them know that I use the term, manager, leader and coach interchangeably.

There’s no reason to draw a distinction when everyone rather be a “leader” than a “manager,” regardless of the level of management you’re at.

Everyone is a Leader, Where Management is a Position

It all starts with leadership. Leaders need to be responsible for their people and the driving force for holding the vision and values. They must also be intentional and active in the management of daily business, driving revenue, working and supporting people, supporting their team in driving sales, managing performance, deal reviews, and coaching their team, peers and customers.

All managers are leaders, but not all leaders are managers. Management and coaching simply fall under the umbrella of the core competencies some leaders need to have and develop. Done with rant.