How to Avoid Your Presentations From Going Flat

If you’re at this point, you’re already too late.

From the Coaching Sidelines.

If you find yourself in this situation, it means you didn’t ask the right questions to set expectations before you started presenting. Ask these five questions BEFORE you start presenting to ensure you’re aligned with your audience’s expectations, not yours.

To ensure we meet your expectations may I ask a few questions to help facilitate our conversation?

1. To reconfirm, how much time do we have for our meeting? (Ever have a meeting cut short?)

2. What information is most important that you’d like me to focus on most?

3. What criteria is most important to you when making an investment like this?

4. What is your typical process when choosing who to invest with?

5. May I ask, how much do you already know about (us, our product, me, the ROI..?)