How Great Sales Leaders Communicate – Download the Coaching Playbook and Video!

Gallup reported that 73% managers feel unequipped to do their job, while 97% of employees feel poor communication impacts their productivity, mood, and goals. A McKinsey study showed that 76% of business leaders report that good communication increases productivity by 5X. Turnover amongst sales professionals has gone up by 39% and 67% in the technology/software industry. The leading cause? Their manager.

Download the coaching playbook here!

The good news is, managers have the power to create trusting, engaged, collaborative teams by changing how they communicate with their employees, coworkers, and customers, since SHRM reported that 92% of employees report their manager is the main reason for staying, or leaving based on how their manager makes them feel.

Since leadership is a language, and coaching is the language of leadership, in this 50-minute Session, you’ll walk away with actionable coaching conversations to:

• Build the unconditional confidence to have any difficult conversation.

• Align your communication with your teams’ personal goals, since 96% of employees want a more empathetic, caring approach to communication.

• Create 100% self-accountability around your team’s business objectives.

• Offer feedback that leads to positive behavioral change.

• Ensure 100% coaching adoption among your team/company.

• Motivate your team during difficult times.

Download the playbook here!