If Dr. Seuss Was a Sales Manager

Hope this puts a smile on your face!

It’s time to exercise your brain!

With audio books, you can listen on a plane,

on a train,

while your drive,

in the rain,

at the gym,

without the pain from muscle gain!

You think business, selling and managing is a game?

What a shame, you must be insane!

It’s not about glory, money or fame.

Great results and company cultures are not the same.

KPI’s, scorecards, sales quota and goals,

we’re driven to win, at what cost?

Your family, priorities, career fulfillment, health, joy and your soul?

Do you enjoy being the overwhelmed, directive manager?

Don’t give up! Be courageous,

and realize there’s another way!

To eliminate the fire drills, redundant problems,

and develop sales champions,

without consuming your entire day.

You think there’s no time to COACH? You’re just being lame!

The fact is, most managers don’t know how to,

Then experience more of the monotonous same.

Poor team performance is on you, my dear manager, there’s no one else to blame.

To achieve extraordinary results, you must LEARN how to think and act like a world-class coach!

Unless you like to lose, rather than enjoy the success you’ll gain.

Chief Problem Solvers, hang up your super-seller cape.

Or you’ll keep your team together,

with pressure, fear and lots of duct tape.

“I want to be the hero,” is about ME.

Bringing out the hero in others is who exemplary leaders need to be.

When you wake up in the morning and start your day,

don’t ask what you need to do to hit your goals,

but how you can make people more valuable and happier today?

Success is coming! No need to wait!

COACH one person at a time,

Sales are up! Keep going!

You’re doing GREAT!

Stop solving people’s problems,

lead every conversation with questions

care enough to understand each person’s goals and agenda,

put people over results, and you’ll see,

You’ll be developing sales champions,

and become the exemplary, world-class leader you want to be.