Ask the Coach Question Six – What Do You Do To Avoid Getting Nervous Before Speaking in Public?

Do you get nervous before speaking in public? You’re not alone. Many people struggle with public speaking anxiety and it can affect their performance and confidence. But don’t let your nerves stop you from sharing your ideas and insights. Here’s the only way to calm your nerves and prepare yourself for any public speaking challenge. Whether you’re running a meeting or giving a presentation, a speech, or a pitch, these tips will help you deliver your best speech.

Do you know that research shows that out of the top five fears that consume people most, death is not number one. PUBLIC SPEAKING is! Death is number two which means that people would rather die, than do any type of public speaking!

The most effective way to permanently calm your nerves before public speaking is less about what you do or using positive affirmations and more about transforming your thinking. This is the only way to permanently eliminate the fear of public speaking.

That is, stop focusing on you and focus on your audience and the value and impact you can make. That’s it! After all beliefs precede experience. Change your thinking will in turn, change how you feel, behave, the outcome for the best, and ultimately present fearlessly.

This is the root cause of the fear of public speaking. That is, you’re making it about YOU, how you look, how you perform, how well you present, how professional and polished you are, will you get more business, will I sound like I know what I’m talking about?

Instead, the secret is, focus on your audience and the value you can deliver to them.

Once you shift your focus away from you and onto your audience, the stress and fear of looking good is replaced with how you can make this a valuable experience for them.