Ask the Coach Question Five – How Do You Build or Rebuild Unconditional Trust for The Long Term?

What if you can build or rebuild trust in one conversation? Trust is the foundation in any rewarding relationship, especially as a sales professional and a manager. However, there’s a belief that it not only takes time to build trust, but it takes even longer to repair it.

Whether you’re managing a remote team, selling remotely, speaking to customers, or you’re back in the office, here’s a tactical coaching talk track and questions to establish your positive intent so you can immediately create or rebuild the trust and safety needed in every relationship, especially to maximize the value of coaching.

“What I want for you is to feel like you’re working in a culture of trust, collaboration, support, coaching, and that’s a great place to work. That’s why I’d like to talk to you about what it means to develop the type of trusting and valued relationship you want to have with me, so I can respect your boundaries and how I can best support you to create what you want most. Are you open to having this conversation?”

1. How would you define, “trust?”

2. What does trust mean to you?

3. How important is trust as it relates to your relationships?

4. How do you build trust in a relationship?

5. What are some things that can negatively impact the trust in our relationship (or others)?

6. If I do something that may impact our trust, what’s the approach you want to take to repair it? (How have you handled this in the past?)

7. How can I continue to earn and strengthen the trust in our relationship?

8. If you or I notice that we’re doing something that may erode our trust, how do you want to approach this conversation? How can we bring this up to each other in a way that would demonstrate our positive intentions?