Ask The Coach Question Four – How do You Maintain a Healthy Balance Between Your Life and Work?

Entrepreneurs often find it difficult to maintain a healthy balance between their professional and personal life. Feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, or unfulfilled by work or life is a common experience. What strategies do you use to maintain a work-life balance?

Becoming flexible requires identifying your priorities & activities that align with your goals.The question is, what do you put first? When making an important decision, are you basing it on your work priorities or your personal priorities? What you choose will then manifest in your life. Without making decisions based on your core values and priorities, your life will always suffer some cost.


People don’t have a time management problem. They have a priority management problem.


First, make sure everything you engage in that moves you closer to your goals & keeps your values in check, is scheduled in your calendar. That also includes self-care time. If you don’t have the appointment, you don’t have the commitment.

Second, plan for the unplanned. If you work a 10 hour day & each day is consumed with about 2 hours of externalities, or things that, unless you had a crystal ball you couldn’t see coming but have to be dealt with immediately (Client, personal issue, traffic, internal issue, meeting, etc.) you only have 8 hours you can plan.

What I want for you is to feel that you’re staying productive, while still honoring the priorities in your life without sacrifice. With the extreme change around how we live and work, it’s easy to feel isolated and uncertain about the future. I know I’ve been struggling in certain areas around life balance and time management.

That’s why I wanted to discuss how I can best support you in this new environment so that you’re feeling productive and connected to the team, the company, and to your career goals and opportunities, while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. And I’d love to hear how you’re managing all the change as well. Are you open to talking about this now?”

1.What’s working well for you?

2.What, if anything, are you struggling with?

3.How are you managing and balancing your personal responsibilities and priorities, while staying productive at work?

4.Walk me through how you’re currently managing your day? Can you send me a screenshot of what your weekly routine looks like so we can compare how we both manage our time and learn from each other?

5.How have you set boundaries and expectations with your family when you’re working at home to ensure you’re productive and not distracted?

6.What’s your daily self-care regimen? (Physically, mentally. Exercise, meditation, prayer, taking a walk, getting out of your house/workspace each day. The health benefits of being safely outside are priceless.)

7.How are you turning off work at the end of the day so you can enjoy and be present with your family and yourself?

8.What’s your preferred method of communication? (Email, text, phone, video conference, carrier pigeon, Morse code? No Assumptions!)

9.How often do you want to meet so that you feel connected and not alone or isolated?

10.How can I best support you to create a productive, rewarding and enjoyable life so you can achieve your financial goals while honoring your core values, and priorities?