Ask the Coach Question Three – What Mistakes do Sales Managers Make when Motivating their Teams?

The number 1 mistake sales managers make when motivating their teams is assuming how they like to be motivated, supported, managed, coached & held accountable = COACHING IN THEIR OWN IMAGE.

All salespeople are not coin operated. In fact, most are not. If you’ve never sat down & had a 1-1 conversation with each salesperson about what motivates them, you have NO CLUE what does.

Instead, you’re ASSUMING IT based on what motivates YOU!

When values, thoughts, feelings, goals, and actions are congruent and in alignment, a person becomes inspired, focused, character is strengthened, and success becomes imminent.

What are your favorite questions that uncover personal motivation? Here are a few more of mine that also avoid motivating others in your own image.

These questions are also good for facilitating the follow-up coaching session after you’ve set up the  expectations and parameters of coaching. Remember, enroll the coachee in this type of conversation in  order to set expectations as to WHAT you are doing, HOW you are doing it, and WHY you’re doing it (as  in, what’s in it for THE COACHEE?)

“What I want for you is to feel that my primary role is to make you more valuable, while aligning your personal goals are with the objectives and responsibilities you have at work. To best understand how I can, I’d like to learn more about you and what’s most important to you, as well and how I can best support and manage you in a way that you find valuable. And feel free to ask me any of the same questions as well! Are  you open to collaborating on this?”

To uncover motivation, drive, and personal goals and objectives:

  1. What is most important to you in your career? In your life?
  2. What motivates you to come to work each day?
  3. What impact do you want to make in this world/company?
  4. What do you want your legacy to look like? How do you want to be known?
  5. What would you like to spend more time doing (at home/work)?
  6. What would make your job even more enjoyable and fulfilling?
  7. If you could design your perfect day, what would it look like?
  8. If you didn’t have to work, what would you do with your time?
  9. What makes you happy?
  10. How do you like to be rewarded / acknowledged for a job well done?