VIDEO: How to Handle Difficult Conversations, Build Trust and Accelerate Sales

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With the pressure to manage and develop a remote team, improve performance and adapt to the new sales and business landscape, being a manager is more challenging than ever. Turnover, stress, missed quota and employee disengagement are at record highs.

World Class managers realize the importance of developing a new coaching skill set and mindset to master the five NEW coaching conversations they’ve never had that build top-performing, remote teams. During this 50-minute event, you’ll learn how to:

1. Develop happy, motivated sales champions during one meeting.
2. Save at least 20 hours each week, while driving more sales by resigning from your role as CHIEF PROBLEM SOLVER.
3. Create the unconditional confidence of a champion in five minutes and become FEARLESS.
4. Instill self-accountability with three questions.
5. Build deeper engagement, team (re)alignment and trust in ONE conversation.