LINKEDIN LIVE! The Five Mindsets to Driving More Sales

How Sales Champions THINK to Drive Awesome Results

We live in turbulent times. CEO confidence is at an all-time low, as companies stress and scramble to hit their year-end goals.

The managers’ solution? More frequent pipeline, forecast, and deal reviews, more cold calls, meetings, and pressure to push for results. Unfortunately, doing the wrong thing faster or more frequently gets you further from where you want to be and will prevent you from closing the year strong!

What if the solution to driving, long-term sustainable performance, peace of mind, and positivity is less about DOING and more about BEING by focusing on who you are, and how you think, not what you do? During this 50-minute session, we will be discussing how you can develop the same mindset, attitude, courage, and confidence that world-class sales leaders possess that keeps them on top, including:

  1. Developing Unconditional Confidence
  2. Eliminating assumptions that kill performance and sales
  3. Living in the present rather than focusing on future results
  4. Becoming FEARLESS, eliminating stress, and making fear your ally
  5. Finding eternal patience and never losing it again