ENROLLMENT – How Great Leaders Communicate, Connect and Ignite Change and Unity

Ever wonder why some leaders experience higher turnover, interpersonal friction, and more team challenges, while other leaders are so inspiring that they have people wanting to be part of their team, and cherish their ideas, coaching, and any new initiatives? If the level of disengagement in the workplace is at it’s highest ever, at 84%, getting on your soapbox and preaching to people about what they need to do isn’t the answer.

The answer is the language of leadership – The Art of Enrollment. When you change the conversation, you change the outcome. The ONLY way to build trust, accountability, healthy relationships, and sell more is through enrollment, so you can align people’s personal goals with their company’s objectives that creates immediate trust, buy-in, and alignment.

During this 45-minute discussion, I’m going to address the toughest issues managers and salespeople face, including how to:

• Master The Top Ten Critical Conversations every manager & salesperson must-have.
• COACH UP TO YOUR BOSS to align what you need with their agenda.
• Deliver tough messages in a way that people are receptive to that immediately improves behavior, skill, and attitude.
• Build or rebuild impenetrable trust and healthy relationships.
• Get EVERYONE bought into coaching, your ideas, and change.
• Approach difficult conversations with ease.
• Create buy-in around any new initiatives (coaching, territory or compensation changes, sales goals, CRM usage, new processes, your requests, etc.).
• Tear down departmental silos.
• Improve customer retention and acquisition.