How to Upgrade Your Mental Operation System and Rewire Your Brain

Here’s a paradox. While we strive to bring that which we want most into our lives, our thoughts are preventing us from doing so. Stop rewriting the wrong story in your head. Try this instead. Don’t believe everything you tell yourself.

Contrary to our usual mode of believing all of our thoughts, just because we believe something doesn’t make it true. We make our thoughts authoritarian because it’s the same voice that tells us, “it’s raining outside” or “I’m sitting in traffic” or “I’m sitting with my friend.”

We give that voice too much credit.

So when you tell yourself you’re bad at something you make an assumption about how other people feel about you and how you feel about yourself. The costly consequence is, you then start acting on the assumption and what you believe to be true.

Thoughts, Truths, or Facts?

As you become more mindful, and self-aware, you develop the ability to discern between your thoughts, truth, and facts.

While we value our thoughts to be true, we must challenge them and ask, “Is this really true? ” Do I have the facts to support this?”

Instead of believing your inner narrative and every thought you’re saying to yourself, the ability to tap into your personal power happens when we realize that just because we were thinking something doesn’t make it true.

Just because you’re thinking it, doesn’t make it true.

Tapping into a deeper sense of self-awareness opens up the space to challenge what you think. Now you can tap into the most powerful source of energy we all have – choice.

You can choose to protect those thoughts that are self-assuring, particularly those thoughts that are motivating, supportive and inspiring since most of our thoughts are the ones that pass judgment on ourselves in a negative way, which are simply not true. Even if your beliefs are based on a past experience, it’s not happening today.

And if you’re stuck in your story, then it’s impossible to start writing the new one that you want to create.

You are not your thoughts

You’re A Jerk

Awareness creates choice. Once you have an awareness of this self-sabotaging behavior, you can now let these thoughts go and see them for what they are, without influencing your mental environment.

Now it’s simply a choice to listen to that jerk in our head that we don’t have to believe.

Humor Helps

When the negative thoughts start creeping into your brain and the inner story about yourself, try this. Play a game with yourself, by reframing your reference by thinking, “All the thoughts that arise in my head are from the person next to me.”

How about this strategy? Got a gremlin on your shoulder holding your back, talking negative stuff about you, your abilities, and self-worth?

The next time it rears its ugly head, address it by saying, “THANK YOU FOR SHARING NOW PLEASE GO AWAY.” Instead of focusing on the gremlin who delivers the self-sabotaging talk, WHO is the voice of support, empowerment, and confidence you listen to?

Kick Yourself In The Head

Negative thoughts we reinforce in our thinking that arise every day hurt and paralyze us. They make us feel less than who we really are and can be.

Challenge yourself, and your thinking.

Breaking through self-limitations doesn’t start with action, but with your beliefs.

Now, you’re mindful enough to ask yourself;

  1. “Is this true based on fact, or is it an assumption based on a past experience or an anticipated negative future outcome?
  2. “Is this thought helpful or not helpful?”If not helpful, what would the opposite sound like?”
  3. “What are the facts that support this negativity and self-doubt?”
  4. “Rather than focus on the negative expectation or outcome of what I don’t want, what is the desired, positive outcome I do want that I can focus on which would inspire me?”

This prevents self-judgment and focuses on what you want and who you want to be, avoiding focusing on disempowering thoughts.

When you say, “I am not good at something,” it doesn’t mean you’re not good at it. It means you just need to start over again.

You’re On The Wrong Train

We all jump on these trains of association, not knowing where the train is going. We get caught up in the mental drama that we have created. The beginning of mindfulness and awareness is realizing that you in fact did board the train. Now you can choose to get off of it.

Here’s a key point. Most people will feel these negative thoughts and resist them, pushing them deeper into our inner void, not realizing they’re continuing to grow.

Rather than resist these thoughts, allow them to come in so you can feel them fully and to completion so they can then leave you. Because if you resist them, they will grow and now you’re creating inner tension rather than just observing them and letting them pass.

A Different Train and An Alternative Way of Thinking

Learn to connect with your personal vision, priorities, and core values. The fact is, daily affirmations make a difference, such as;

  • I dissolve all past problems with ease to create a great present and future.
  • I choose to create a life that is abundant with what matters most healthy family happiness.
  • I am patient and focus on the success of others and my family.
  • I seek to serve and lose myself in the service of others.
  • I’m confident because I choose to be.
  • I am happy before I have a reason. I choose happiness over sadness.
  • I realize empathy is power. Everyone is going through something.
  • I focus on my core values, gifts, talents, and priorities that count.
  • I’m present to enjoy the magnificence and gift of every moment.
  • I’m grateful for my health.
  • I chose to be grateful for what is and the gifts and people around me, not what is not.

To summarize this inner lesson of transformation; “Beliefs always precede experience.” “What you tell yourself is true.” “How you think is what you get.” “What you focus on grows.”

Here’s the extraordinary news. If it’s all in your head then the solution is simple. Get yourself out of your own way and out of your own head to allow your joy, gifts, and excellence to shine.