Why Managers Become SUPER-SALESPEOPLE, Demotivate their Sales Team and Destroy Their Culture

You may have heard the expression, “People don’t leave their company, they leave their manager.” The truth is, people don’t leave their company or their manager.

They leave the CULTURE.

Here’s a paradox. Managers create the very problems they want to avoid! Here are some of the topics we cover:

* If you’re not enjoying your job, you’re not coaching.
* Most managers have good intentions but simply aren’t being trained and developed to coach a remote team.
* Solving the Global Epidemic of the seller being promoted to super-seller, rather than manager and coach.
* If you want to uncover how to build a healthy culture, hold people accountable and know how to inspire and motivated them, stop asking yourself, and ask your people!

The new sales and leadership strategy is care, what everyone wants including your customers. In this three-minute episode, I talk about what it takes to create an authentic thriving coaching culture, why it’s essential for the continued growth of the company, and the costly impact of your existing, metrics-driven, fear-based, remote culture.