How Have Sales Leaders Adapted To Remote Selling? Roundtable Discussion

More than ever, it’s essential for managers to learn how to coach their team through difficult times of fear and uncertainty, something that only 18% of managers have actually been trained on how to do.

Check out these new statistics:

71.4% of companies reported that their sales process has changed as a result of transitioning to remote commercial trading.
74% confirmed they had experienced changes in the short or long-term competitive landscape that are affecting their business.
62% are finding it difficult or much more difficult to locate and sell to new prospects compared to before COVID-19’s arrival.
77.5% of sales leaders have not received training on how to lead remotely.
More than 52% of front-line sales professionals have not been adequately trained in how to sell remotely.

Join me and my colleagues for a riveting discussion and debate around what successful companies are doing to quickly pivot and adjust to our new world and the way they sell, manage and coach people.