Book Club Interview – How to Use the Language of Coaching to Drive Sales

In this book club interview learn what every salesperson and manager needs in order to sell more and build top performers in a remote environment. The answer? Learn the language of leadership and sales: the language of coaching. Here are just a few of the questions I answer during this interview.

  1. Companies are still scrambling to reinvent themselves and how they manage people and sell in our remote world. With all the uncertainty and change, sales leaders are extremely busy, which can sometimes mean that coaching gets deprioritized on a leader’s to-do list. How can sales leaders manage their time effectively to ensure they make adequate time for what they refer to as coaching?
  2. Why is it important to avoid becoming a “Chief Problem Solver”?
  3. You often talk about the art of enrollment, building trust, and setting intentions, whether it’s with our team or customers? More specifically, In coaching from a team setting, such as a weekly team call, how do you share the message of the team vision to encourage those that may not be fully on board just yet?
  4. Given the virtual environment that many teams are now in, what are some challenges managers and salespeople might encounter around selling, coaching, and building a successful remote team? How can they overcome these challenges?
  5. One thing managers can do to become a better leader and start coaching their team today?
  6. When reps are in a sales slump, how should leaders help them stay confident and engaged? How do you maintain confidence?
  7.  In your book, “Sales Leadership,” you outline 15 toxic tactics that can make coaching ineffective. What is one of the most common mistakes you see managers make, and how can they be avoided?