Do You Work for Passion or Money?


If money was the source of happiness and fulfillment, then why do those who live below the poverty line are often happier than those making lots of money, and amassing more material possessions? Here’s my story.

34 years ago, I sold a highly successful business to pursue my passion for helping people create the success and the life they’ve been struggling to create. I called it coaching.

I was grateful for the financial success I achieved in my prior business, but I felt unfulfilled and empty inside.

Then, one day, I read one of the first articles on what they first called, life coaching. In my past business, my responsibility was always hiring, training, and supporting my sales team. Now, I felt, I can take my experience and knowledge to companies outside of mine to help them.

People laughed and said I was crazy to sell my company to become a coach. “What sport will you be coaching?” they would ask. “The sport of business, leadership, selling, and life,” I’d respond.

“That could be one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard. Who’s going to pay for that?” Was the most common reaction.

It was my heart, not my head, that inspired me to develop a coaching model; a new way to tap into people’s inner strength, talents, confidence, and motivation so they can create the success and the life they want.

The first year, my coaching practice generated $25K; a fraction of my prior income. But I was happier than ever, and never looked back.,

My lesson. You can find money in your passion, but you can’t find passion in your money.

And you can’t find your passion when your heart is filled with fear.

The true wealth in your life comes from mastering the only three things you CAN control:


While honoring your core values that ignite your passion within.

Everything else that we try to control is an illusion. And it’s ironic that most people spend their time trying to master the things they can’t rather than the three things they can.

I learned a long time ago that it’s not the events in your life, but how your respond to them that creates the life you want.

Therein lies the richness in your life, and what I want for you this New Year and every year. So, take the time to get out of your head and the limiting beliefs and clutter that consumes it, and start listening to the part of you that will never lie, your heart.