14 Questions to Self-Reflect On And Create Greater Success In 2021

With the year we’ve had, it’s easy to lose sight of the good things, what we have achieved, and what we need to change to make 2021 a great year. Here are 14 questions to answer that will ensure you’re on the right path to success in 2021!

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1. What am I most proud of achieving in 2020?
2. What am I most grateful for?
3. What was my most valuable lesson?
4. What is my biggest challenge I’m overcoming in 2021 that prevented me from achieving more in 2020?
5. What are my top three goals of 2021?
6. What skills, talents, character and superpower will I refine and maximize to achieve my 2021 goals?
7. What values and priorities do I refuse to compromise in pursuit of my goals?
8. What limiting thinking, assumptions and beliefs am I willing to let go of or reframe that’s holding me back from being my best me?
9. What will make 2021 a great year?
10. What will be my theme for 2021?
11. What do I need to do to rebuild my daily routine to honor my goals and priorities?
12. What is my personal vision statement for 2021 & beyond?
13. What are my core values & priorities?
14. Who will be my accountability partner and coach to ensure I follow through with my commitments?