Stop Keeping Your Eyes on the Prize

When it comes to goal attainment, you probably heard the expression, “Keep your eyes on the prize” and “Begin with the end in mind.” But what if this is exactly the very advice to avoid that will prevent you from achieving the goals you want?

A young man wanted to become the most famous martial artist. He sought out a teacher; a sensei of the martial arts. After traveling a great distance, he arrived at the dojo of one of the most esteemed masters.

Upon meeting him, he said, “I wish to become the best martial artist in the land. How long must I study?”

“Ten years,” the master replied.

“What if I studied twice as hard as all of your other students?”

“Twenty years,” the master said.

“What if I practiced every day & night?”

“Thirty years.”

The young man was getting impatient. With great frustration, he said, “I don’t understand. Every time I say I’ll work harder to achieve the result I’m focused on, you say it will take longer. Why?”

The master smiled, looked at the young man & said,

“Because when both eyes are fixed on your destination & you’re only focused on the result, then there are no eyes left to find your way (the process).”

Herein lies the lesson:

To be happy, fulfilled, successful & to realize your greatness – BE Present with both eyes and mind focused on the moment; on what’s NOW-not what’s next because:


Think about it. You don’t execute the result. You execute the PROCESS in the present.

The byproduct of honoring your process is achieving the goals you want with less effort and without pushing for the result. Instead, the result happens naturally.

Take a look at my definition of selling and coaching.

Coaching. The art of creating new possibilities.

Selling. The art of creating new possibilities.

New possibilities can only be created in the present; not the past or the future. If you’re not present, then you won’t be able to recognize or honor the sales and leadership best practices and thinking, because these core competencies and characteristics can only happen in the moment! It’s also where your life happens.

  1. Intentional, proactive listening
  2. Critical thinking and more importantly, critical questioning.
  3. Create new possibilities. Creation happens in the present.
  4. Recognize coaching and selling opportunities you didn’t see before.
  5. Connect with people in a deeper, more authentic way.

That’s why the greatest salespeople are more process-driven rather than result-driven.

So, get back to now to live in the present and create new breakthroughs and opportunities for your customers, team, and for you that you never noticed before.