PODCAST: Ignore Tomorrow To Achieve Greater Success Today







Since coaching is the epicenter of every successful business, companies are finally realizing they have to do something to further develop, coach and support their employees, now, rather than wait until things get back to normal. There is no normal. And there is no going back, only forward. Abnormal is the new normal!

And during every delivery of my remote sales leadership coach training program, there seems to be a few common themes that continually show up.

They are; being patient, managing fear, stress and uncertainty, feeling isolated or disconnected, maintaining confidence, and living in the moment to create the quality of life you want. And this doesn’t only apply to managers, but to their employees as well.

Here’s my response. If you’re not present, you can’t coach. And if you’re focused on what’s next, you’re missing out on what’s now, since life happens in the moment.

In this podcast that I extracted from one of the sections in my program, you’ll learn how to stay focused and mindful of your goals, while living and being present, happy and grateful in the moment. I know, it sounds difficult to stop worrying about and focusing on the future goals, especially for managers and salespeople who have sales and performance targets on their back.

It’s an occupational hazard to be result driven, so take the time to listen to this podcast and you’ll experience a transformational shift in your thinking. I promise, it will be an investment of your time that will pay exponential dividends, both in your career and your life.