New Book! The 60 Second Sales Coach


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Over 600 Coaching Questions and 40 Critical Conversations to Develop Sales Champions and Coach More Customers to Succeed

Coaching is simply the language you use in every conversation. The language of your organization, of leadership and how every exemplary leader communicates. Some coaching conversations can even be facilitated using just one simple question. The fact is:

If you have time to provide someone an answer, then you have time to ask them a question.

I’m excited to announce the release of my latest coaching book, The 60 Second Sales Coach! However, I didn’t want to wait eight months to get this published and in your hands, when people need this NOW.

So, I’ve decided to give this book away, for free! It’s a tactical coaching playbook with over 600 questions managers and salespeople need to facilitate over 40 critical conversations that drive results, fast, often with just ONE question!

No manager can complain that, “Coaching takes too long” or, “I don’t know what question to ask in this situation.”

Coaching is simply the language you use in every conversation. This playbook makes coaching as simple as talking, your life easier and career more rewarding, while honoring the primary objective of every organization; to make your people more valuable!

Shift from leading with answers and being the directive, time consuming, CHIEF PROBLEM SOLVER, super-salesperson who creates a dependent, needy team, to the coach who leads with questions. This will make every conversation a productive, fulfilling, coaching conversation and enable you to develop a team of sales champions.

In the meantime, make sure we’re connected on LinkedIn and Twitter! I look forward to hearing about your successes!

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P.S. – I’m personally taking on 10 coaching clients for my private practice. (I’ll never top coaching leaders, whether in a coach training course or one on one. It’s too much fun and way too rewarding!) If you’re interested, make sure we’re connected on LinkedIn, send me a note, or email me at and we’ll schedule a call to see if there’s a fit.