TMBO Talks on Selling, Prospecting and Coaching Customers With the NBA and WNBA – Part 2


Join me for part two of this three-part sales leadership series with the National Basketball Association (NBA), and the talented leaders of the NBA and WNBA (Women’s National Basketball Association). Learn what the top salespeople are doing to make fear your ally, become unconditionally confident and win my sales by coaching their customers to succeed.

This session focuses on how to transform from salesperson to sales champion. Learn how to:

* Create your new competitive edge by transforming from salesperson to sales coach so that you can coach your customers to succeed.
* Develop the UNCONDITIONAL confidence of a champion.
* Become fearless and make fear your ally.
* Refine and develop a robust sales process.
* Leverage the language of professional selling and coaching.
* Transform your conversations, sales process, and approach during this pandemic to win more sales.

Learn how to develop and coach a team of sales champions in our remote workplace so they’re maximizing sales and revenue-generating opportunities, supporting their local communities, and maintaining a healthy, happy life while honoring their personal priorities and goals