A Time For Pause

In 1 week, two, of my well-respected colleagues and friends have passed away. Thank you, Barbara Giamanco and Jason Jennings for the contributions you’ve made in the field of sales and leadership.

Every day I’m coaching someone around rebuilding a lost business, finding a new career, and supporting those who’s friends and family members have died during this pandemic.

It’s been an emotional week. And, I’m sad. And I’m supposed to be the voice of positivity, insight, and coaching!

I share this because so many people, regardless of reason feel the same way. Sad, alone, confused, fearful, and unsure of what tomorrow will bring. And that’s okay!

To become stronger for all humankind starts with giving yourself permission to experience these emotions so you can connect more deeply with yourself and others.

We’re human beings. We’re emotional creatures. To deny ourselves; our hearts of acknowledging an emotional experience only causes more recycled pain and suffering.

These are emotions you may have never experienced and may not know what to “do” with them.

With any feeling-allow yourself to feel them fully. Then you can understand and learn from them, get to the other side, and feel complete and wiser.

That’s the sign of true perseverance, strength, insight and leadership.

I’m always here to support you on the sidelines. If I can help, I’m here. My mobile number is 516-231-2774, I look forward to being there for you as your coach!