Before You Pass Along Judgment, Pass Along Acceptance Instead

We’re all in this together. Choose acceptance and empathy over judgment and just be kind.

I went to the local butcher to get some food for the family.

6am there was a line, as I observed the owner, a friend of mine, be curt, short, clearly stressed and borderline rude to customers, trying to rush from one customer to the next.

The first reaction I heard from another customer: “What an A**. We’re supporting our local businesses and this is how he talks to us?”

Regardless of his behavior, what this person didn’t know is 70% of my friend’s business was distributing to all the local restaurants, which are all closed, or going out of business.

No one took the time to empathize or think what he’s going through. He’s on the borderline of having to shut down his 60 year old business, permanently.

Before you pass judgment on others, take the time to understand where people are coming from.

Acceptance and empathy over judgment. Be kind. We’re all in this together.

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