You’re An ADRENALINE JUNKIE! How to Kick Your Addiction and Find a Healthier Energy Source to THRIVE

HOOKED ON CHAOS? Love solving problems? Wait until the last moment to hit a deadline? You may have a drug problem. Many people today are hooked on a commonly abused, yet elusive drug whose widespread use seems to be flying under our radar. That drug of choice is adrenaline.

Especially in today’s society, with the constant push to produce more, an overwhelming to-do list, tight deadlines, intense competition in the marketplace and pressure to perform, responding to hundred of emails a day and of course, the drive to hit sales quotas and close more business faster; all of these factors have created a new type of junkie, especially in companies with intense sales driven, result driven cultures – the Adrenaline Junkie.

The classic symptoms? Saying “Yes” when you mean “No.” Overcommiting or overbooking your schedule, then finding it difficult to deliver on deadlines or complete tasks. Procrastinating until the last moment. Believing you, “Work best under pressure.” Being easily distracted. Here’s how to get off the adrenaline train and tap into a healthier, more productive energy source.

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