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Of course, your resume is no guarantee you’ll become the candidate of choice. However, you won’t even have the opportunity to shine if you can’t get an interview in the first place. This resume is guaranteed to attract more interest – and more interviews – from companies looking to fill a position.

Why now?

  • 55% of the workforce is unhappy with their current job.
  • 48% of the workforce trusts a stranger over their boss.
  • 72% of the workforce is disengaged.
  • 80% of people surveyed said the majority of their stress is job-related.

As a LinkedIn Advisor, in 2019 alone I received over 36,000 INQUIRIES from people looking to hire someone to write or revise their resume, and this number continues to rise every year.  Which is what brings us here today.

I want to support you, someone who’s looking for a job and needs the guidance and resources to position themselves in a way that will attract more attention to them.

In addition, companies charge hundreds, if not thousands, to design resumes and offer interview and personal branding advice.

That’s why I put this toolkit and resume template together for you. I’m here to help coach and guide you, and save you money, time and the stress that comes with looking for a job so that you can build the personal brand you want.

With recruiters and companies continually getting inundated with resumes, here’s how you can stand out from the bottomless pit of resumes and have it rise to the top of the pile.

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