How Top Sales Managers Ensure Their Sales Team Consistently Achieves Sales Goals by COACHING THE WIN – Coach’s Corner Video Series

The Coaching Playbook – A Powerful Lesson for Managers When Coaching Salespeople to WIN

Managers miss out on many opportunities to coach people around a WIN or the positive behavior they’ve observed that needs to be reinforced. Conversely, they focus more time on what their people need to do differently or better.

Here’s a powerful coaching moment to further develop and refine people’s talents and reinforce the best practices, thinking, and strategies that made them successful. You can only achieve this if you’re having an intentional, deeper conversation to uncover what they did, how they did it, and the messaging they used through artful and strategic questions.

The only way to reinforce the positive behavior is by coaching them right after each win. After all, what’s the point of the coach on the sidelines, observing how the team and athletes perform or practice? To identify, practice and replicate winning behaviors.