Sales Futurists Roundtable – How to Achieve Your 2020 Sales Goals With Fewer Resources


Are You Listening in the C-Lounge? I Need Help!

We understand that in most organizations, the the sales manager has become pivotal. They are driving the sales team, which is the company’s engine room. The primary objective of a professional sales manager needs to be: “To achieve consistently superior results through the performance of every key individual.”

  • And yet, according to recent research by the Sandler Research Center
  • 43% of sales managers do not receive effective training prior to taking up the role.
  • 1 in 3 sales managers last 3 years or less in the role.
  • 32% replied that the ongoing training that sales managers receive is “Not Effective” or “Not Very Effective”
  • 34% said that sales management is not effective or not very effective at coaching and only 12% are “very effective” and yet this is THE most critical SM skill
  • 38% said that sales management is not effective or not very effective at recruitment/onboarding skills and only 6% are “very effective” (1 in 16)

The sales leader’s role has never been more critical. In our opinion the paucity of qualified, inspirational, experienced leaders, is one of the main reasons why sales achievement levels continue to plummet.

Conclusion: Most sales managers are not receiving the support and guidance they need.

What’s to be done? Listen in for some great ideas on how to leverage your existing resources to maximize results.