Why You’re Never Too Busy to Coach. Every Conversation is a Coaching Conversation

WHAT? WHY? HOW? Whether you think you’re coaching or not, when your employees look for help, you ALWAYS need to uncover baseline facts about the situation (WHAT), the Gap or root cause (WHY), the new possibility that can be created, and HOW they’re going to achieve the outcome they want.

What would that SOUND like? Here are the questions you ALWAYS need to ask. Let me know what you think! Thanks for watching.

1. What’s your objective here? What results are you looking to achieve? Where do you want to be at the end of our conversation?
2. What have you tried so far? HOW did you do it? What did the last conversation you had with (person) sound like? What was the outcome?
4. When you say (difficult, frustrated, pushing back, qualified, overwhelmed, value, a budget issue, success) how do you mean? (SPRINGBOARD COACHING QUESTION.)
5. What’s your OPINION on how to achieve the results you want/change the conversation the next time you talk with (x)?
6. Can I share some observations that would help you achieve the results you want and make you more successful?
7. What are you willing to commit to in activity and/or results? By when?
8. When should we reconnect to ensure you have achieved the result you want?
9. How are you feeling about our conversation? What new possibility did we create?

TIP FROM THE COACH: To ensure 100% accountability, request a debrief email, including what they’ve learned or where they got the most value, and their commitments. If they don’t send it, no worries. It just becomes another COACHING moment!