SALES LEADERSHIP Coach Training Course for Managers and Salespeople IS LIVE!

I FINALLY CLONED MYSELF!👥 MY SALES LEADERSHIP COACH TRAINING COURSE that I’ve delivered for 30 years on 6 continents & 75 countries is ONLINE!

If the primary objective of leadership is to make your people more valuable, then why are most managers doing  the same things that don’t work, but faster, so you get to the wrong destination in record time. Bottom line, they’ve not met great coaching a habit.

Managers, in EVERY conversation with your salespeople, you’re WINNING a sale or destroying one. It depends on how effective you are at coaching.

Learn the LANGUAGE of LEADERSHIP & the L.E.A.D.S. Coaching Framework to transform from sales manager to sales leader and coach who develops a top performing coaching culture and sales champions.

*INCREASE Sales 24%, REDUCE Your Workload by More Than 16 HOURS Each Week
*ENSURE a measurable ROI from ALL training
*IMPROVE Pipeline Velocity, Forecast Accuracy & Achieve Business Objectives
*WIN Sales Faster & Retain More Customers
*ATTRACT & Retain Top Talent, REDUCE Unwanted Employee/Customer Turnover 30%
*ENROLL Your Team to Embrace Change that Improves Daily Performance Metrics
*5 Hours On-Demand Interactive Video, Practice Tests, Lifetime Access, Access on Mobile & TV, Certificate of Completion & More

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