Sales Leadership Podcast Interview – The Blueprint for Coaching Salespeople Into Champions

Great interview on the Sales Leadership podcast with Rob Jeppsen, founder and CEO of Xvoyant

His review below:

“I spoke with Keith Rosen, MCC on this week’s episode of the Sales Leadership Podcast and he shared a couple of other head turning stats:

1) Less than 10% of sales managers are actually trained on what it means to lead a sales team.
2) There is nearly an 80% disengagement rate across most teams.

  1. Keith equated waking up and deciding you’re ready to be a sales coach to waking up and deciding you’re ready to conduct brain surgery.
  2. This is a fantastic episode and I am so appreciative to Keith for joining me.
  3. If you lead a team, check out this episode. You’ll be glad you did.
  4. All week I’ve been getting calls, emails, messages about how great the last couple of episodes of The Sales Leadership Podcast have been with guests like Keith Rosen.
  5. This concept Keith discusses about the thing that kills great leaders and great coaching moments more than any other continues to be something people want more of.
  6. Assumptions are easy to make and are hard habits to get out of. Listen to Keith’s advice on assumptions, how to identify them, and what you can do to stop making them.

It’s a great episode and something every sales leader will be glad they’ve listened to.” – Rob Jeppsen