Three Questions that Hold People 100% Accountable – Sales Leadership Coaching Video

FINALLY, THE SECRET TO HOLDING PEOPLE 100% ACCOUNTABLE! “How can I hold people accountable to their word, commitments & goals without confrontation or micromanaging them?”

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If you’ve ever struggled with answering this question, you’re asking the wrong person! To instill accountability and avoid being the “bad guy,” uncover how each person likes to be held accountable in an empowering way by asking the THREE questions in this video.

If you don’t ask, you’re ASSUMING how people want to be managed, motivated and held accountable based on YOUR criteria and values, which fuels one of the main causes of coaching failure = COACHING IN YOUR OWN IMAGE!

Creating self-accountabilty through questions is the most effective solution to build a team of people who all embrace their personal accountability, while also building deeper trust when respecting their individuality, and ultimately, eliminate the manager’s fear of confrontation, providing too much autonomy and micromanagement!

I say this to acknowledge you’re not alone, as this is a challenge for every manager, since most managers tell people they need to be accountable and would never even consider asking questions that empower people to set up their own rules around how they want to be held accountable, managed and motivated!

What If They Say, “I Don’t Know?”

When coaching or asking people questions they’ve never been asked, or questions where no foundation of positive intention was clarified, some respond viscerally in the moment, while others don’t have an immediate response & need time to carefully process & respond to the question.

There are times people will tell you exactly how they want to be held accountable, times when people tell you but it didn’t work, so you need to re-calibrate & times when they may say, “I never thought about that before.” Here are 3 questions to respond with to help develop this essential benchmark.

  1. If you were in my position, how would you approach this conversation?
  2. Can you remember a time where you responded positively when someone (prior boss) held you accountable to your commitments?
  3. May I share how I like to be held accountable & use that as a benchmark to outline a first draft we can refine to ensure it works for you?
  4. If you had to come up with something, what’s your opinion on what this could look like? (Remember, EVERYONE has an opinion vs. solution!)

Keep in mind, there are people who will not answer the questions because if they don’t, in their minds, they don’t have to be accountable!

So, ask more, talk less. And create the habit of Always Be Coaching.