Sales Leadership Video – Don’t Take the “What If” Bait – Coach Them Instead

Do you and your coworkers communicate from a place of scarcity and fear or abundance, goals and pleasure? If you’ve ever gotten pushback around change, here are two questions to ask that will prevent you from falling into the abyss of, “What If’s.”

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Ever get dragged into the weeds with a, “What if” question?

  • “What if the customer is not open to my suggestions?
  • “What if I don’t hit my goals?”
  • “What if this new sales strategy doesn’t work?”
  • “What if some people on my team don’t want to be coached?”
  • “What if my boss/peer/customer gets angry if I ask for help or if they’re not receptive to my ideas?”

Rather than take the time-consuming, frustrating, “What if” bait, recognize this as a coaching moment and an opportunity to coach someone (or yourself!) on the inner game of leadership so they’re able to develop a healthier, more productive attitude and shatter the costly assumption they’re making which is –

“This will not work.”

⭐How can you coach someone on refining or developing a solution to overcome a uniquely fabricated obstacle that has never happened yet!⭐

Instead of getting on your soapbox and rationalizing their, “what if,” this video will show you how to coach someone to shift from fear and towards confidence, goals, objectives and into action – using the TWO questions I share in this short video.