Lost Your Goals? How to Find Your Way Back to Now

I’m not arguing the title is fairly ambiguous, if paradoxical. Therein lies the lesson. Do you have both eyes focused on achieving results and goals, or do you have your eyes in the present moment? What’s going to lead to greater success? The answer may surprise you.

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A young man wanted to become the most famous martial artist in the land. So, he sought out a teacher; a sensei of the martial arts. After traveling a great distance, he arrived at the dojo of one of the greatest and most esteemed masters.

He found the master and upon meeting him, he said, “I wish to become the best martial artist in the land. How long must I study?”

“Ten years,” the master replied.

“What if I studied twice as hard as all of your other students?”

“Twenty years,” the master said.

“And what if I practiced every day and night?”

“Thirty years.”

Patience Lives In the Present

The young man was getting impatient. With great frustration, he said, “I don’t understand. Every time I say I will work harder to achieve the result I’m focused on, you say it will take longer. Why?”

The master smiled, looked at the young man and said, “Because when both eyes are fixed on your destination and you are only focused on the result, then there are no eyes left to find your way (the process).”

Herein lies the lesson

To be happy, focused, fulfilled, inspirational, successful and to realize your greatness — BE Present with both eyes & mind focused on the moment; on what’s now, not what’s next because BEING PRESENT DRIVES REVENUE.

Where are your thoughts focused? On what’s next, or what’s now? You can spend your life trying to get to the future, at the cost of missing out on the journey and each moment called LIFE.

Your goals aren’t going anywhere! They are set. Now, BE in the moment. Pushing for the result doesn’t make the result manifest any faster. Running around reminding your team about their goals, KPI’s and quota is not effective nor useful. It’s ANNOYING! (Just ask your team! If they’re being honest that’s what you’ll hear.)

After all, do you like it when your boss does it to you? Does it make you more productive or just more stressed?


Life’s Duality: Be mindful of the future, while engaged in the moment.


Bring yourself back to the moment.

In the present moment is where life happens, along with creativity, intentional listening, masterful coaching and productive activity. In essence, if you’re not present, you can’t coach. And if you can’t coach, then as a leader you’re not honoring your primary objective.

So, be present  – to make your people, and yourself, more valuable.