To Improve Team Performance, Change Your Thinking First







Every day, the stakes get higher when it comes to attracting and retaining more customers. And when sales dip, often, the first reaction from management is, “More training.” Unfortunately, doing so can cause more damage and impede performance even more. That’s because the solution isn’t more training. Every positive change in behavior starts by upgrading your thinking for the better.

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Are You Truly Putting People First?

We were finishing two of my leadership coaching program in Dublin, Ireland, for a team of talented sales leaders.

As we went around the room listening to what people had learned, one manager said, “I totally believe in coaching and how essential this skill and mindset is so that I can effectively coach my team to achieve their goals. However, I’m struggling with trying to fit coaching around all of my other responsibilities.”

Before I could respond, another manager jumped in and said, “Wait, you need to look at this in a different way. You can’t ask yourself how you’re going to fit coaching around all of your other responsibilities. You have to ask yourself how you’re going to fit all of your other responsibilities around coaching.”

To Change Your Behavior, Start by Changing Your Thinking

That’s the fundamental shift managers need to make in their thinking to make coaching- and your people, your top priority.

The choices you made in the past created your life and team culture that exists today. The exciting part is, the choices and foundational mindset shift you make today will create the life and career you want tomorrow, and enable you, and your people, to become the leaders you all want to be.