Salesforce Podcast: How to Make Top Salespeople Great Managers

Ever promote a great salesperson into a management position, only to watch them struggle with managing, developing & coaching their team? To solve this age-old, universal conundrum, here’s how to prepare your future managers for their next position. Sales training isn’t the answer. To build a bench of next-gen successful leaders, start developing your salespeople into Consultative Sales Coaches.


As technology advances, so does the need for transformational salespeople who coach customers to succeed, rather than “sell” them. In this Salesforce Quotable interview, learn why salespeople need to evolve and coach customers; as well as their peers and boss, to accelerate growth, revenue, market dominance and scalability. Now, companies can begin their journey to create a healthy, sustainable coaching culture.

When every person within a company learns and embraces the language and methodology of coaching, only then can you create corporate alignment, a united front, shared vision, and a top performing coaching culture.