News 12 Interview – How to Build Your Personal Brand and Become Indispensable

Back in 2009, I was interviewed on Channel 12 News during our last recession. The advice I gave then on building your personal brand, keeping your job and advancing in your career in the face of mounting competition was not only timely then, but applies to today’s workforce. Here are several things you can do today at work that would make you indispensable and ensure this is your best year yet!

There are many ways to advance in your career and position yourself as a highly valued resource. For example, over-delivering on expectations, working exceptionally well with peers, teams and with your clients, maintaining a healthy, positive, ethical attitude, going beyond your call of duty to support other people and the company’s objectives, being highly coachable and an innovation conduit, as well as taking a stand for what’s best for your co-workers and the company.

Positioning yourself as the ideal employee certainly has its advantages, especially when it comes to retaining your job. However, there’s a fine line between doing these things to create a strong, desirable and positive personal brand, and coming across as self-serving, self-promotional, pompous, arrogant – and just plain selfish.

If you want to maintain your job and grow in your career, while delivering more value and becoming an indispensable resource to your company, watch this interview to learn several best practices and steps you can take to achieve your career goals, help you attain the success you want in your life, and do so while building a respected and highly valued personal brand and a legacy you’re proud of.

In this 6-minute interview, you’ll learn:

  • How to share your wins and the good work you do without sounding self-promoting or pompous.
  • Strategies to secure your job and get a promotion.
  • Toxic mistakes and behaviors that can lead to termination.
  • How to build your personal brand so you become an indispensable resource.
  • What you can do to change your attitude and disposition to be a supportive team player who people want to work with, rather than the consummate complainer.