Podcast: Own Your Day – Igniting Personal and Team Productivity


Are you living with intention or reaction? Wish you had more balance in your life? In this interview, Keith Rosen shares how you can ignite personal productivity, honor your values and create an extraordinary life.

NOTE: We’ve revived this podcast! Click here to listen. 

Traditional time management strategies fail to help people thrive. If you’re ready to reduce the stress and chaos that results from poor planning, learn the secrets of successful self-management and reduce your daily workload while maintaining a healthy, enjoyable balance in your life.

Here’s the latest interview I did with the Sales Rehab show based on my latest book, Own Your Day, where I share life tips and time management advice for everyone, especially for salespeople and managers. Key takeaways include:

  • Living with intention rather than reaction
  • Identifying the biggest obstacle to creating your ideal life
  • Eliminating your “diversionary tactics” that justify your current situation
  • How unhealthy adrenaline gets in the way of driving consistent results
  • How “life balance” is a pipe-dream and creating the new definition of life balance
  • The importance of having a PNS – “Personal Navigation System”
  • Advice on eliminating your “to-do” lists
  • How to consistenly honor your own self-care regiment by scheduling it
  • Crafting the right personal vision and goals that are aligned with your priorities and values
  • Coaching others around accelerating their personal productivity

You’ll learn how to design your personal routine to master self-management, take charge of your life, exceed client expectations and build a team of champions. After all, if you want a great life, schedule one.

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