Coaching Salespeople to Win More Sales! Live Webcast Recording

What are the best-in-class sales leaders doing to better engage their team and win more sales? Watch this webcast with Keith Rosen and Jason Jordan as they discuss leadership best practices, the language of leadership and the role technology plays in building a bench of champions. Plus, a special announcement that every manager needs to hear!

Industry Leaders Agree on the Role of Coaching

In this live webcast, I had the pleasure of joining Jason Jordan of Vantage Point Performance in a great discussion with moderator Steve Diamond from as guests on a recent webcast episode of’s Series Pass. It’s always refreshing to spend time with others who truly understand how transformational coaching can be for today’s sales managers and organizations when implemented successfully.

This webcast was particularly important to me, as I announced for the first time that I’m actively working on my next coaching book, Coachquest, as a follow up to Coaching Salespeople Into Sales Champions.

If you’ve been coaching or if you are in the process of building your coaching acumen, then you know the real power of coaching is in mastering the ability to ask the right questions that in turn, empower others to  self-discover new solutions, perspectives and possibilities.

As such, I was particularly impressed with the thoughtful consideration Steve invested in the questions he asked Jason and I. His interviewing questions did what great questions are intended to do – facilitate a meaningful and insightful discussion. Here is a list of some of the questions Steve asked, along with the timely and relevant topics that we addressed that affect every sales leader on the planet.

  • Keith, I hear you’re working on a follow up book to Coaching Salespeople Into Sales Champions? Can you tell us a little about Coachquest?
  • Why should sales organizations and sales managers even care about coaching?
  • What exactly is a sales coach and what’s the difference between a sales manager and a sales coach?
  • What are the biggest mindset and skills shifts that help transform sales managers into great sales coaches?
  • Is there ever a time when the manager should stop coaching and just be direct?
  • You also write about the importance of great coaches detaching themselves from outcomes. Given what sales managers are measured on, how is it possible for one human being to be both a great manager and a great coach?
  • What are some key foundational steps that sales organizations must take before deploying technology, like CRM?
  • How do you work with companies to get them to recognize the gaps in their processes sand talent development programs and embrace the willingness to change?
  • How do you determine which processes to prioritize when coaching?
  • What happens when someone doesn’t want to be coached? How do you handle that?
  • What are the barriers that keep great managers from being great coaches, and what’s the best way to break through these barriers?
  • If coaching is the critical discipline that every manager needs to develop in order to become a world class leader and achieve the success they want, then why don’t managers coach more?
  • What are some key foundational actions sales organizations and managers must take to ensure a successful coaching initiative?
  • What are the very first steps every sales manager who has been watching this broadcast should immediately take – as in today?

What other questions do you have about coaching that I might be able to answer for you? Feel free to use the comments section below or send me a private note here.

Become a better sales coach and sales manager today.