Live Video Interview With Keith Rosen at Dreamforce 2013

Nick Stein, Senior Director of Marketing at, speaks with Keith Rosen at Dreamforce 2013 in San Francisco about his work training managers around the world to become world class coaches, the global challenges managers are faced with and how to eliminate them.

In this video interview, Keith answers the following questions:

8-Steps to Creating a Coaching Culture by Keith Rosen

  1. Your book, Coaching Salespeople Into Sales Champions has been the #1 best selling sales management book on for years. Can you tell us why this book is becoming even more and more popular?
  2. Tell us about the work you do with global sales organizations?
  3. What are the biggest pitfalls that you see when trying to bring a coaching program into a sales organization?
  4. How important is it to get the front-line managers and the executive team bought into a coaching program before rolling it out throughout your organization or team?
  5. How do managers develop a strong bench of sales champions?
  6. How do managers get their day back and avoid the dependency they create?
  7. How is being so result driven getting in the way of achieving the desired results you want? What’s the change that’s needed here?
  8. How critical is a new rep on-boarding process?
  9. Why is shifting from managing in your own image to tapping into people’s individuality such a challenge for managers?
  10. What is it that really motivates salespeople to perform? What do people want most in their job?
  11. How do you build a team of accountable performers? What’s the secret to developing a culture of accountability?
  12. What kind of ROI have you seen—real business results—that sales coaching can drive inside a sales organization?
  13. How can the coaching process help new reps become effective and productive faster?
  14. How can coaching help drive alignment between what’s going on in an individual performer’s mind and what’s best for the organization? How do you align each person’s individual goals with the business objectives?
  15. How can you turnaround under-performers within 30 days?
  16. What is the one activity that’s essential for managers to consistently engage in and is also the one activity managers do the least?
  17. How important is observation?
  18. How do you deliver feedback to someone in a way that opens them up to hearing it and drives a measurable change in behavior?

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