[Video] Your Product Is YOU!


Are you excited about what you sell? At some point, have you noticed your enthusiasm fade over time, whether due to the repetition of your job, changes in your marketplace or the results you were generating? Chances are, this has less to do with the product itself and everything to do with you. Here’s an opportunity to reconnect with your product or service in a new way in order to re-ignite your passion as well as your sales numbers.

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Enhanced Video Transcript

8-Steps to Creating a Coaching Culture by Keith RosenYou know you have a great product or service. After several attempts and no call backs from prior voicemails or emails that you left days ago, you’re getting frustrated. “I don’t get it!” You begin to question your product and then yourself. Your confidence starts to wane. “I have a great product,” you’re thinking to yourself. “Why don’t they just call me back?” You’re thinking, “This product is tough to sell. What am I doing wrong?” Here’s the answer, you are selling the wrong product. That’s right. When prospecting, there’s a strong chance that you may be leading with the wrong product.

If you think you’re selling your actual product or service at this early stage in your selling efforts, consider this, at this point in your selling process, chances are the potential customer has not even experienced your product or service yet. More specifically, you have not even had an opportunity to speak with the prospect. The only communication you’ve had with them, has been the attempts you’ve made to connect with them through your emails and voicemails. At this point, you haven’t spoken to them yet. If this is so, when calling on them, did they know who you are? Your product? Your service? Your company? Your pricing or benefits? Expected results or the problems you solve? No they do not! That’s why the real product is your voice. It’s your voice that is your product.

At this stage of your sales cycle, the real product or service is YOU!

Your voice mail, email or your approach is your product. The language or verbiage you use is your product. Until your prospect has the opportunity to experience what your product or service can do for them firsthand, the only thing they have been exposed to is you. If your voice mail is your prospect’s first exposure to what you have to offer, realize the impression they get from your voice mail equates to the value they can expect from your product. If you stumble through your voice mail and come across unprepared, ineffective and disorganized, imagine the perception that your prospect has formulated about your final deliverable.

Conversely, by refining your compelling message; that is, why a prospect needs to speak with you in the first place, as well as how you communicate that message in every interaction (email, voice mail, face to face, over the phone, when handling objections, etc.), you can increase the value of your product or service through the eyes of your prospects, simply because it’s your approach that creates their perception of you and what you offer.

The good news is, when you strengthen your language, your message and your communication, you can immediately increase the impact you can make with each buyer you speak with or reach out to, as well as the value of the real product you’re selling – YOU!

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