[Video] Communicate from Abundance to Accelerate Performance


Every manager wants highly motivated players on their team that consistently achieve their business objectives. Learn why communicating from abundance accelerates individual performance and builds trust in every conversation.

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Complete Video Transcript

8-Steps to Creating a Coaching Culture by Keith RosenThe following statements imply fear and consequence when trying to motivate your team.

“If you don’t make your quota this quarter, then you won’t have a job!”


“If you can’t get this project completed within the timeframe we’ve discussed, then you won’t be able to take that vacation you wanted to at the end of the month.”

These statements are consequence driven statements. They focus on what will be missing or what the person will not be able to do or have in their life if they don’t do what’s expected of them.

Now, consider these statements.

“If you reach your quota this month, then you will be eligible for the quarterly bonus.”


“Once you complete that project, then the only thing I want you to focus on the following week would be planning your vacation and the fun you’re going to have during your week off. Especially knowing that it’s a paid vacation week.”

Notice how these statements imply the benefit or pleasure that will be present in the person’s life rather than focusing on what will be missing.

Developing a positive atmosphere within the workplace is something that requires daily reinforcement. It is this subtle yet powerful change in your language that can set the tone and atmosphere of not only every meeting you have, but of the culture of your company.

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