[Video] Selling Is a Language – Coach the Language


Your A Players are clearly more effective communicators than your C Players. So if selling is a language, why aren’t we coaching our salespeople’s language and message?

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Complete transcript taken from a live Q & A session in Phoenix.

8-Steps to Creating a Coaching Culture by Keith RosenWould anyone here disagree that selling is a language? In other words, your A players are clearly more effective communicators than your C players. Is there anyone here who would disagree with that? So selling is a language, right? Then why aren’t we coaching their language?

We’re coaching the metrics. They know their goals! They’re not stupid. They know what they have to do. And what we need to do to deliver value is uncover the coaching moment or the gap. The “why.”

For example, when speaking with one of your salespeople, “What did that last conversation with that customer sound like? and “When you heard them say, “Listen, we’re not moving forward because of price or timing or we’re going with one of your competitors,” how did you respond? How did you conduct a post-mortem analysis? How did you uncover the root cause of their objection? And, what did it sound like when you had that conversation? Walk me through that conversation.”

The real value of a manager is not handing out your quota every month or every quarter. It’s upskilling and continually developing them to live their potential. Your value as a manager is making your people more valuable. And you do that through coaching.

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