[Video] Observation Reluctance? How to Create Buy-In with Your Sales Team


Are your people resistant to being observed? Whether on the phone or during a joint sales call, learn how to enroll your people in observation so they actually want to be observed. Keith Rosen demonstrates how to get a reluctant salesperson open to observation. (Full template below.)

Excerpt from a live Q & A event in 2012. Facilitated by Keith Rosen.

8-Steps to Creating a Coaching Culture by Keith RosenThe short definition of coaching is “The art of creating a new possibility.”

This one-minute video not only provides a template of how to create a new possibility with your salespeople but Keith actually shares with you what it sounds like. If your salespeople continually resist your coaching efforts or to being observed by you, you’ll never succeed in creating the team of Sales Champions you want and need. This short tip is guaranteed to help your salespeople open up to the importance of observation and what’s in it for them so that they actually want to be observed by you!

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Complete transcript of video with an improved template you can use to enroll people in observation:

Here’s a very quick definition of coaching: Coaching is the art of creating possibility. It’s the art of creating a new possibility. And that’s what we’re looking to do in every conversation and interaction with our people. For example, when it comes to observing your people, whether on the phone or out in the field, if you sense resistance from them around being observed, here’s an opportunity to sit down with your people and enroll them in observation. Here’s an example of what it could sound like:

“You know, I was reflecting back on our last conversation, about the resistance I was sensing about you being observed. And you know what? I’m going to take some ownership around this because I can see why you felt that way and I think there’s an opportunity for us to recreate a new definition of ‘what observation is’, ‘why we’re doing it’, and ‘what’s in it for you’.  If you think about it, every top athlete in the world has a coach. And every top athlete in the world has a coach coach who is on the sidelines observing their players play. Because when an athlete is playing in the middle of the game, they can’t self-diagnose. So they rely on their coach to see what they can’t see when they’re playing. And as a sales athlete, I want to do the same for you so that you have another set of eyes observing  how you’re performing to uncover what you can’t see on your own.  This will ensure that you continually perform at your very best.  Are you open to discussing how we can re-set your expectations around observation so that it’s valuable for you?”

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