31 Inspirational Sales Coaching Tips

Become a better sales coach and sales manager today.

The new A.B.C.s of Leadership: Always Be Coaching. Here are 31 tips and ideas for sales coaching or self coaching. That’s one tip for each day of the month. Stay motivated so you can motivate others!

Tip # 1

If you find what you’re doing to be uncomfortable, it’s probably the right thing to do to achieve greater results. (tweet this)

Tip # 2

What do you coach? You coach the gap. Build a bridge that takes your people from where they are today to where they want or need to be. (tweet this)

Tip # 3

What you fear isn’t real. (tweet this)

Tip # 4

Help your salespeople direct their thoughts toward what they want to create (pleasure), rather than what they want to avoid (fear, pain, or consequence). (tweet this)

Tip # 5

Rather than exploit all of the reasons why you won’t succeed, develop the reasons why you will! (tweet this)

Tip # 6

Changing your perception or beliefs empowers you to tap into the greatest freedom you have: your freedom of choice. (tweet this)

Tip # 7

Make fear your ally rather than your adversary so that you can learn and grow from it. Then help your salespeople do the same. (tweet this)

Tip # 8

The best coaching questions are ones you don’t know the answer to. If you already know the answer, then you’re closing, not coaching. (tweet this)

Tip # 9

Directive coaching is an oxymoron. If you’re being directive, then you’re not coaching people to create a new solution or possibility. (tweet this)

Tip # 10

Detach from the outcome to respond effectively to each situation and eliminate the chance of unfulfilled expectations. (tweet this)

Tip # 11

Be present. The creation of new possibilities only occurs in the moment; not in the past or future. (tweet this)

Tip # 12

Rather than make costly assumptions that can destroy coaching opportunities, base your decisions and strategies on the facts. (tweet this)

Tip # 13

You can talk yourself right out of an effective coaching opportunity. Be cognizant of how directive you are being. Lead and sell with questions, not answers. (tweet this)

Tip # 14

The amount of value received from coaching will be determined by the person you’re coaching, not by you. (tweet this)

Tip # 15

Coaching is not an event based activity but something that’s done in practically every conversation. (tweet this)

Tip # 16

People respond in amazing ways when you give them the space and support to work through a challenge on their own. (tweet this)

Tip # 17

Remember the new A.B.C.s of leadership: Always Be Coaching! (tweet this)

Tip # 18

Why is observation important? Because nobody can see his or her own blind spots. (tweet this)

Tip # 19

Without trust, coaching can’t be effective. Instead, you’ll likely feel your directs are just telling you what they think you want to hear. (tweet this)

Tip # 20

Definition of Coaching: The art of creating a new possibility. (tweet this)

Tip # 21

Are you coaching your salespeople or judging them? (tweet this)

Tip # 22

The exaggeration of the truth leads to the dilution of one’s integrity. (tweet this)

Tip # 23

People won’t always remember the product, service or deal you offered them. But they will always remember how you made them feel. (tweet this)

Tip # 24

Who you are is always more important than what you do. (tweet this)

Tip # 25

Avoid coaching in your own image and tap into your people’s individuality. (tweet this)

Tip # 26

Paradox: Believing you have no time to coach your team actually costs you more time. (tweet this)

Tip # 27

Regardless of your company culture, your team interacts with you everyday. In essence–you are the culture. (tweet this)

Tip # 28

If you’re thinking about the next question to ask when coaching, you’re not listening! Actively listen. (tweet this)

Tip # 29

To engage in activities needed to reach your goals, if you don’t have the appointment, you don’t have the commitment. Schedule it. (tweet this)

Tip # 30

To shift from being a data manager to a people manager, make coaching and observation your priority. (tweet this)

Tip # 31

Most important question to ask yourself everyday, “What can I do today to make my people and my customers more valuable than they were yesterday?” (tweet this)

Photo Credit: Steven DePolo via Creative Commons